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For more information regarding any of our services, please contact FredMed at (240) 379-6060.

Computer Support Services
FredMed can enhance your office’s computing power by providing assistance with most computer related tasks,

including purchases, upgrade recommendations, PC troubleshooting, software installations and securing wireless networks.
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Wide Area Network (WAN)
High Speed connection to FMH.

FMH Basic Service Level provides connection to Meditech and other FMH applications from FMH supplied equipment.

FredMed Service Level provides various bandwidth options with an “always on” connection to the Internet and provides instant access to Meditech and other FMH applications from all of your PCs.

Web Site Design & Hosting
FredMed and our partners can develop, host and maintain a public Internet site for your practice. We offer free templated web sites to our Class A members.
Click here for more... Your practice can also work with a graphic design firm to develop a site customized to your office’s needs. Click here for more...

Electronic Prescription Management
Electronic prescribing enables a physician to transmit a prescription electronically to a patient’s pharmacy of choice. It decreases prescription errors caused by...

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FredMed Vendor Alliances
FredMed members are eligible to purchase various products and services from our vendor partners, frequently at negotiated discount rates. Our current lineup includes: Click on the following links for more...

Electronic Health Records
FMH offers NextGen electronic health record software. We also provide migration/ implementation assessments, consulting services, and system implementation assistance.
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